Poster : Twilight - From Jean-Henri Art
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"Twilight" - Jean-Henri Art
acrylic spraypaint mixedmedia - 33 Inches x 24 Inches
So Ross Quentin Begemann and i had a savant ramble about the real regarding rhino poaching.... ;a game Ranger at Kruger park, he bears witness to what goes on behind the scenes when the cameras get packed away and the tourists hamba huis toe.;More pertinent factors influencing the debacle is the issue of relocation, environment , social interaction (surprise, animals are more social than we like to think) , and the PURE belligerence practised by consumers who scramble to encroach their territory without due respect to maliciously materialize .;These creature's Achilles heel is the fact that they take so long to breed. They also suffer a form of animal PTSD as displayed by most animals that have endured human cruelty. Nature is FAR more complex than selfie socialites bother to acknowledge. ;Real change can only come in the form of socio economic development around the parks . A skilled poacher hunter only earns R2500 a month ( around $200). They live in the wild silently observing poacher patterns without adequate defense and call in the special teams long after the damage is done.;When one has to endure economic hardship and feed their kids , the threshold to what man would do is lowered dramatically. The Rhino horns on your cars seldom make a dent in the quagmire. Education ( speculative) and realization that us hoomens ARE part of nature , not above it, is the only way they will stand a chance . Along with every other species globally. ;That's Zhoozsh praat for put away the damn snapchat for 10 seconds and live a little, do a little. ;NOTE ANY INCOME EARNED PORTION CONTRIBUTED TO ANIMAL WELFARE \ LOCAL PET RESCUE INITIATIVES

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