Poster : South Coast Harbour - From Tom Lund-Lack
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"South Coast Harbour" - Tom Lund-Lack
Paint. cut paper & tissue paper - 40 Inches x 30 Inches
This collage is in the Waterside Fine Art Gallery, 7 Waterside, Stratford-on- Avon, UK. Made almost entirely from cut paper and torn coloured tissue paper, with just a little help from paint. The title A South Coast harbour, is not reflective of anywhere in-particular, just a collection of fragments from memory. Some might be tempted to compare it with the river Orwell in East Anglia but there are no landscapes or villages that match. For those who are interested it will be shown at the Suffolk Open Studios showcase at Rougham from 18th to 27th May 2013. Why not come to the private view on the evening of the 17th from 7.30pm.This piece and Regatta are worked completely from imagination and who knows what gets in there, nothing is ever wholly fictitious, it is always based on some reality tucked away in one's mind. I am delighted with how these have both turned out far exceeded my expectations, especially so as they are both new techniques for me.

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