Poster : Jerusalem - From Lorne Szmek
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"Jerusalem" - Lorne Szmek
Digital Painting - 24 Inches x 24 Inches
This painting was inspired by the American decision to declare Jerusalem the undivided capital of Israel, hence the colour pallet is mostly the colour of blood. I use the MicroSoft Paint application that comes with all Windows operating systems to create my pictures. All of my paintings start out as a blank white screen. The picture is built up by adding colour, line and form. Images are usually enlarged and edited a couple of times before I consider them complete. When you purchase one of my paintings you will receive a document ;giving you complete rights to the image you buy, and a copy of the file saved on a memory stick.. It can never be reproduced except by you, the legal owner. I will only retain one copy of the file for my archive and reserve the right to use it to create a new and substantially different picture. If you wish to have a print of your picture I can arrange to have it printed, stretched, framed and delivered to you at your expense. On the other hand you can have the picture printed, mounted and framed yourself from the file on your memory stick.

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