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1、187 luxurious and comfortable rooms for guests to provide
quality sleep experience.
2、Guangdong super masters and top chef to tailor your sections of the
Chinese and Western cooking delicacy.
3、8 different specifications of the meeting room, banquet Butler to
provide professional event planning services.
4、Can accommodate 39 banquet at the same time.
5、With the currently most luxurious KTV club in Nansha.
6、280 square outdoor swimming pool, let you freely in the
blue sky and white clouds, green mountains and rivers.
7、 Free high-speed WIFI, for you to surf the Internet at any time and speed.
8、Gym, children’s activity room, table tennis, billiards,
chess room are available in all varieties.
9、4 open-air and indoor parking, personalized service
to facilitate the guests to choose.
10、Quick foreign currency exchange service, which can be
exchanged for 8 national foreign currency and traveler's checks.
  • Body Fitness Room

  • Swimming Pool

  • Hanging Garden

  • Children’s Activity Center

  • Billiards Room

  • Table Tennis Room

  • Nineteeth River Bay Fisherman’s Wharf

    Taking boat for fishing and sightseeing , fresh seafood buying and processing, and purchasing the agricultural products with nansha characteristics become the major feature.

  • Nansha Wetland Resort

    The touerust area in nansha wetland resort is located on the west bank of estuary of pearl rever. With 20 years of reclamation and protection , the area maintains the land there is in a good natural state , with its ecological environment well looked after under a good protection regime.

  • Nansha Sunflower Garden

    Located in Wan QingSha Town , Nansha District, Million Sunflower Garden is a well sunflower theme park . The garden covers an area of 260,000 square meters, reaching 66.7 hectares in maximum.

  • Facing the lingdingyang

    The architecture combines both the style of the forbidden city in Beijing and the sublimity of Dr.Sun Yat-sen’s Mausoleum in Nanjing, It is the largest palace compound of its category in the world. It is reputed as the “First TianHou Palace under Heaven’’ and the biggest Mazu Temple in southeastern Asia.

  • Nansha Bay Coastal Park

    The Coastal Park, under the foot of grand cape Mountian , covers an area of nearly 800000 square meters. Among them , the land is about 606000 square meters, and it is also the largest coastal park in Guangzhou .

  • Nansha Marina

    Nansha Marina has a total construction area of over 9000 square meters, with 800 meters of waterfront tourism and leisure promenade, 352 water berths and 100 dry storage berths, which can accommodate the yacht with a maximum top of 165 feet.

  • Nansha Golf club

    Nansha Golf club is designed by John jacobs ,  has two 18-hole championship golf course ; the valley course (6629 yards par 72 ) which will challenge your long game ability to its limits and the mountain course (6668 yards par 72)which will bring out the best (or the worst) out of your short game.

  • Huangshanlu Forest park

    Huangshanlu Forest park is the largest free forest garden in the area. It located in the downtown area of nansha district, which covers a total area of over 1200 acres. The main summit is 295 meters high and is the highest in the south part of Guangzhou .

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